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About Us

CART's Mission Statement states that,

"CART is a community based rural transport provider, whose aim is to improve the quality and quantity of all ability access rural transport services in County Cavan. Thus, promoting and maintaining living and working populations in rural areas, resulting in reducing social exclusion and increasing opportunities for people with reduced mobility"

Management Structure

CART operates as a project under the auspices of Kilnaleck & District Community Co-op (KDCC) and is also a registered business name of KDCC. KDCC tasks a Management Committee to oversee the delivery of the project on a day to day basis, in accordance with Pobal guidelines.

KDCC has responsibility for all areas of Corporate Governance in relation to the project, and must ensure that any training needs in this area are carried out. Any changes or updates regarding Corporate Governance are fed down to CART Management Committee through the KDCC representation on CART’s Management Committee. These representatives also report back from CART to the Board of KDCC.

The aims of the project are:

To develope a rural transport system that would meet the needs of the community, particularly those who are isolated, marginalized and who feel socially excluded.

To sustain local communities to ensure that shops, post offices, banks etc. are viable in rural communities and to ensure the continuity and lifestyle of the local community.

To co-ordinate activities which will sustain, support and provide resources for the long term betterment of the local community.

To leverage funding from statutory and semi-statutory bodies while providing services that are beneficial to those involved.

To promote the participation of local people and relevant statutory and semi-statutory representatives in the management and running of the project.

To tackle isolation and social exclusion, to empower people by building selfconfidence and self-worth and to support and compliment other local community activities.

To encourage transport operators to provide all ability access.

To extend the current geographical area to cover all of County Cavan, where a need for transport exists.