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Passenger Testimonials

Below are some quotes from letters received by South West Cavan Rural Transport Initiative passengers using the service.

“I am an old age pensioner, I lost my husband last September. He did the driving for shopping and to collect pensions etc. As I do not drive it would be impossible for me to get out. Since I started to avail of the rural transport service I am able to get out as I am collected at my door and left back to my door. I congratulate those in charge for such a wonderful service.”

“There is a special aspect to the rural transport, we meet and chat with people we haven’t met for a long time. We also see what’s going on in the countryside, new houses, and new farm yard building and so on.”

“It means a lot to me to be able to use my Bus Pass.”

“I have used the new Mini-bus transport and would like to say that it is a wonderful convenience and gives us senior citizens a degree of independence which we would not otherwise have. Living in the heart of the country we are very dependent on others to get to town. It is a great feeling to be able to attend to ones own business and at a time of day when it is most suitable for us to go to town.”

“A lot of people think it is a good thing because there was nothing like this before.”

“A note to let you know how pleased I am with the transport service which is so reliable. Now that the post office is closed in Redhills it is great to get to Ballyhaise and on to Cavan.”